Trimming All Large and Tall Tree Types!
SkyHook climbing

Although we perform all types of service to large and tall trees, the bulk of our client's require trimming or removal of their once unruly trees!
Here is a SkyHook climber ascending a Palm Tree to clean and trim its crown.
...With two shots of the completed job of the same tree!
Friendly note: The life of a Palm Tree is all in it's crown. A Palm Tree is not like other trees. Once the crown has been completely cut off of a Palm Tree, the tree is dead at that point. Never allow someone to fully cut off the top of your Palm Tree.
You will end up with a "telephone pole" in your yard!

The two Palm Trees below are from unknowing owners hiring an untrained treeworker to trim them after a frost. The first tree has some of it's babies growning under it. They had sprouted from seeds that had fallen from the tree prior to it's unfortunate demise. It is not the Palm Tree regrowing from it's roots.
Palms do not grow back once the crown has been cut off!

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